Quick start with 24ToneGongsIII: Percussives





First, put some reverb on the instrument.

The browser has a big knob in the upper part of the interface (1) with which you choose the category of patches. After picking your category which is displayed in the uppermost left part of the window, (2) choose your patch in the lower part (3) .

The GongMachine has a speed (4) and number of steps (5) slider situated around the big edit knob. Each step of the gongmachine has 3 editable parameters which are activated by clicking on them.: The intensity (6) of the current step, the articulation or playing technique (7) of the current step. And at the top of each step there's the Gesture (8) parameter. 7 and 8 feature a big popup menu.

And try the pedal, aftertouch and pitch wheel, otherwise you're missing a lot!