24toneGongs2: Bows&Rubs


This is the second result from our ongoing recordings of a big set of melodic gongs, recorded in an anechoic chamber. These are the Bows&Rubs and they are all sustained sounds but in timbre they range from the beautiful soft and tender to hair-raisingly harsh.

These sounds emanated from the same beautiful instruments as the Mallets&Sticks but they're completely different, they share the same heritage though and therefore sound really good together! Only difference is that we used even 8 more gongs to get a greater variety of sounds, so this should have been called 32 ToneGongs. The Bows sound very delicate and crisp and can evolve into screeching cries when moving the wheel. The Rubs sound mysterious and haunting by default, but can also morph into very dramatic fortes using the wheel or your Seaboard or Continuum.




- Features 5 programs, Bows, Rubs and Bowed Harshly together with bows and rubs in the expression controller mode.

- Real anechoic recordings meaning that the gongs can be convincingly placed in various venues using your reverb of choice. No reverb on reverb sound.

- Expressive controller modes. For both the Bows and the Rubs there's a special mode included for use with one of the recent generation of controllers like the Seaboard, Continuum or Linnstrument.

- Timbral Variance Round Robin switch makes for a bigger timbral diversity when set to on by repitching other gongs to the note played.



Blauwe Gongs.png





Demo Music



Walkthrough and Videos


Some quick previews of the instrument                                                                                         




The Bows feature an impressive range and dramatic timbral changes when using the wheel




There's also a bow controller patch.

This is a video with some examples of the Bows&Rubs being used in real projects.




The controller Rubs can really 'sing' when played with a Seaboard or, as shown here, with a Haken Continuum.




Here the rubs in their organic beauty






24 Tone Gongs 2: Bows&Rubs

  • Bowed Gongs (32 Gongs up to 4 Velocity layers, 6 octave range)

  • Rubbed Gongs (32 Gongs up to 3 Velocity layers, 4.5 octave range)

  • Bowed Harshly (32 Gongs, 2 Velocity Layers)

  • Bowed Gongs Controller version (Seaboard, Continuum, Linnstrument, etc)

  • Rubbed Gongs , controller version (Seaboard, Continuum, Linnstrument, etc)




  • 4.8 Gb uncompressed /  1.03 Gb compressed sample content.

  • Kontakt 5.5.1 and later. Full version only. No Kontakt player version.

  • Library utilizes watermarking. See below.


Price: € 89,-  excl VAT

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Within minutes after purchase a unique download will be created for you with multiple watermarks, using an automated process. This will encode one big Tar(Mac)/Zip(PC) file for you, about 1.1 Gb in size. The advanced watermarking is for protecting your and our investment. Don't share this library!