Varying from 70 - 6 cm in diameter, this is a 4 octave spanning, truly gigantic tuned orchestral gong collection. Meticulously sampled in an anechoic room with up to 10 x roundrobin and 8 velocity layers in lots of different articulations. Mysterious & different, yet well tuned and chromatically playable!

Our vi has been discussed at length at VI-control, take a look at user reviews and more here.

We've captured these instruments in immense detail, in Audio Ease's real anechoic chamber, very close. This makes for a new experience, it sounds like you're in front of real instruments! 


Demo Music


- "This first volume of gongs is a marvel and NoiseGuild shows us how deep sampling can be exciting in generating unique and extremely musical instruments when practiced by sensitive and capable musicians. We will eagerly wait for the release of opus 2 and 3"  - Kr-Homestudio


Quick Patch/Pattern tour


Short Patch & Pattern tour







The 3 interface pages: Main, Settings and Gong Machine





- Pattern / Patch browser as part of the instrument.

- Real anechoic recordings meaning that the gongs can be convincingly placed in various venues using your reverb of choice. No reverb on reverb sound.

Gong machine: The Gong Machine plays back organic sounding complex patterns using different articulations.

- Innovative performance features, the pedal clamps and unclamps the gongs in 'piano' mode using recorded multiple rr real samples of those. There are also Harpsichord like patches with a marked release sample

- Timbral Variance Round Robin parameter makes for a bigger timbral diversity when set higher, by repitching other gongs to the note played.




Some 15 years ago i worked with a giant set of these gongs for the live music for a Dance performance. Bewitched by the exotic sound of these instruments, i did a sample session, but that didn't really work, i decided to wait for someone else's sampling effort.

I was quite surprised that to this day no one has, at least nothing deep sampled...

So now we have...






Main page Walkthrough

Gong Machine Walkthrough

Settings Page Walkthrough


This is the first installment of the library, Mallets & Sticks. There are a second: Rubs and Bows, and a third: Percussives. All Together in the TRINITY bundle.

Apart from a 'normal' bell hit, we've also sampled offcenter and rim hits, clamped bell and rim hits and clamp- and release sounds. With Mallet beater and drumstick. These can be intuitively played from the keyboard with pedalled clamp control.






24 Tone Gongs 1: Mallets & Sticks

  • Mallet Bell Hit ( 24 gongs, 8 velocity layers, 10 round robins per layer)

  • Mallet Bell Hit clamped (6 velocity layers, 6 round robins per layer`)

  • Mallet Offcenter Hit (8 x vl 10 x rr ) 

  • Mallet Offcenter Hit  clamped ( 6 velocity layers, 6 round robins per layer`)

  • Mallet Rim Hit (8 x vl 6 x rr) 

  • Mallet Rim Hit clamped (8 x vl 6 x rr)

  • Stick Hit Off center (6 x vel, 10 x rr) 

  • Stick Hit Off center clamped (6 x vel, 10 x rr)

  • 7800 Samples

  • 24 Gb uncompressed /  5.4 Gb compressed sample content.

  • Kontakt 5.5.1 and later. Full version only. No Kontakt player version.

  • Library utilizes watermarking. See below



 € 159,- excl VAT


(Save big with the TRINITY bundle!)




Within minutes after purchase a unique download will be created for you with multiple watermarks, using an automated process. This will encode one big Tar(Mac)/Zip(PC) file for you, about 5.5 Gb in size. The advanced watermarking is for protecting your and our investment. Don't share this library!