24ToneGongsIII: Percussives is the 3d and final part of 24tonegongs. This instrument focuses on the percussive qualities of the gongs. The new GongMachineV2 adds a whole new dimension to the performance driven percussive sequences:  Every step of the gong machine is a gesture, a micro sequence in itself, ranging from simple flams to complex big group hits by 20 players. There's a wide palette of articulations to choose from for every step, from multiple types of subtle finger hits to processed epic wardrum hits. 17 in total. All multisampled from up to 36 gongs in multiple rr's and velocity layers. These two parameters make for a enormous variety of percussive sequences, and they all sound like an acoustic ensemble. This is not a hybrid- but an acoustic-sounding VI.










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The GongMachineV2



In the GongMachine you can build rhythmic motives from one to 24 steps in length. Each step contains the following:

1. Choose Gesture.  

Via a popup window you choose what the micro sequence of the step consists of. These range from rhythmic motives like flams and triplets to group hits by 20 gongs.

2. Choose articulation.

This is the articulation switch, here you can choose 16 different hits (9 sustained and 7 clamped), all sampled over the big gong collection, giving a wide, diverse sounding keyboard range.

3. The Intensity Slider

This changes the level of the hit with louder and softer hits. This is not an audio level fader but changes the force of the hit itself. The keyboard velocity still works as expected. Furthermore you can use the PitchWheel or either mono or Poly Pressure to expressively control the intensity while the GongMachine is playing back the pattern.





24 Tone Gongs 3: Percussives. The following articulations are availabe in the gongs machine:

  • Finger Hit 1 (5 x Velocity, 6 x rr)

  • Finger Hit 1 clamped (5 x Velocity, 6 x rr)

  • Finger Hit 2 (5 x Velocity, 6 x rr)

  • Finger Hit 2 clamped (5 x Velocity, 6 x rr)

  • Grab (3 x velocity, 3 x rr)

  • Release (3 x velocity, 3 x rr)

  • Battle Gongs Hit 1 (7 x velocity, 10 x rr)

  • Battle Gongs Hit 2 (7 x velocity, 10 x rr)

  • Mallet Bell Hit ( 8 velocity layers, 10 round robins per layer)

  • Mallet Bell Hit clamped (6 velocity layers, 6 round robins per layer`)

  • Mallet Offcenter Hit (8 x vl 10 x rr ) 

  • Mallet Offcenter Hit  clamped ( 6 velocity layers, 6 round robins per layer`)

  • Mallet Rim Hit (8 x vl 6 x rr) 

  • Mallet Rim Hit clamped (8 x vl 6 x rr)

  • Stick Hit Off center (6 x vel, 10 x rr) 

  • Stick Hit Off center clamped (6 x vel, 10 x rr)




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